A cartoon book without words

A cartoon book without words
It uses a universal language, understood by everyone whatever their language: pictures.



The contents.

Firstly it was designed to share a short, summarised Gospel message, which is the essence of it.

How a little lonely heart who was fretting in the dark and the pollution of a vile shanky town, finds himself drawn to cross the threshold of an inaccessible door of a marvellous country, where love and light reign, thanks to a providential friend. You will discover how in this simple and touching story…

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This pocket-size book is based uniquely on illustrations, to show the work of the cross and the outstretched hand of God to all mankind through His son Jesus Christ. The key pages of this cartoon book have a reference of a bible verse that is found at the end of the work (In English in this present edition.)

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El Valero 19 page 5pt

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