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Hi there! 

Let me share some of my everyday life at work when I was writing "Meet me in the forest, Origin" * 

You may not be an author yourself but it doesn't really matter. I believe that the complicity I describe fits just ANY JOB. May this text inspire you. 

* Sorry, this book isn't available in English, yet.


Diving in creativity

or exploring the sea of heaven


The sky! 

Saturday 6pm. 

After a couple of hours of passionate writing, completely immersed in the world I'm creating, I complete the final anecdote, at last.

I can finally look up from my notes, I'm not "under water" any more and I breathe as if I had been holding my breath all that time. 

As I'm leaving the world of the memories from my childhood, I remember this other reality: Right! I'm sitting at the garden table behind the house!

I sigh, lean back on the chair, look up and… wow! I'm suddenly facing the immense blue expanse right above me. 

So much higher than the big tree nearby, the generous sky was there the whole time! I take a deep breath and like a big fresh bubble inside me, it makes me feel like flying away. I delay the journey 'coz I still have a story to improve. 

A friend of mine who proofread it for me, pointed out some parts that require rearrangements and clarifications. Some scenes need to be rewritten from a new angle, a paragraph or two have to be moved around and the harmony of it all has to be improved so… gotta dive! 

(C u)



Monday 11.30 am Phewww! I finally reached a decisive stage and so needed to celebrate with someone that I instinctively headed for the forest. Escaping from my universe, I enter that of the vast nature my best Friend created. The forest and my book are interconnected, and together, we go from one to the other. 

- There it is, Lord… I did what you asked! 

Looking back

It’s been a year since we started writing this book together. At first, we were walking on mushy paths (memory sometimes fails) but as I kept going, solid grounds started appearing under my feet. Now that the job’s done, the landscape I leave behind me is nice and clean for any reader to wander through. Every anecdote I wrote is an easy but well documented path. I cleared it from all the usual obstacles one finds when speaking of God, like those obscure words in dialects unknown to most people. If lost, anyone can make it to Jesus' arms. 

I suddenly stop on my forest path. Er… seems like I’m in my book again! So, I decided to stop talking and start listening for a change. A vision settled in my mind:

I saw a long, modern and very powerful train about to come out of a tunnel to enter an insanely bright light. 

- “The end of the tunnel”! Yippee! Lord, we made it! 


Sea and divine complicity

I'm still in the forest and warm sunrays caress my face… which is strange since the forecast predicted a cloudy day. I look up and see something amazing: a huge gap splitting the thick layer of clouds just above my path and enlightening it.

The clouds looked like a sea from above, and the parting of its waters lasted the time it took for me to cross the forest. This heavenly breach highlighted my way right to my doorway, it was magical! 

- Thanks for the treat, Lord. I loved it …


Last dive 

OK, back to work… A friend kindly showed me a couple of syntax adjustments I had to make. So, here I am with my imaginary goggles and snorkel, diving in my book again. 

(sea U!)


Last one (if you say so…!) 

I've sent my book to still one more person for just another penultimate review. I need to be impartial, ignore laziness, accept big changes if necessary and look at my work with a critical eye. I consult my small and very busy workshop team again and again.  


Fruits from the promised land 

If you come across me during times like that, you might get the feeling I'm away. Well, it's probably because I am. When reaching the bottom line of something, I always turn things over and over in my mind and wander in my stories, unable to bring them to a close. My mind's dashboard flashes all over the place… and I strive in order to catch the signs and find what could be improved before this book gets to the printer. 



At the grocers', I came across a mom and her teenage daughter. They told me how my previous books, “Meet me in the forest” volumes 1, 2 and 3, were part of their daily life and how it boosted their faith. It made me so happy, it's so incredibly comforting! I tear up as I'm writing these words and am reminded of it. I'm so grateful… and I tell myself it's definitely worth all the efforts I make. 


Just to nail it (in case I hadn't understood yet), there was a cardboard heart in the mailbox this morning. A child had colored it and clumsily penned his name on it to thank me… thank you… I hung it on the wall in the workshop in case it fell from my memory. 

OK… I’ve got to go back to my book, so… splash!

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Diving in creativity

Hi there!  Let me share some of my everyday life at work when I was writing “Meet me in the forest, Origin” *  You may not be an author yourself but it doesn’t really matter. I believe that the complicity … More… More…

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The day Romayne wrote to tell me my comics “Conventional Wisdom” had really helped her when she was looking for a change, she also shared some of her old life… and phew! I just can’t believe what some people go through!!

For once, I’ll share a testimony that has nothing to do with me. It's vicious but since it’s going to help a lot of people, here it is... 


Witchcraft and clairvoyance

Personally, I like Harry Potter’s fantasy world but I keep things in perspective because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REALITY OF WITCHCRAFT!!

Most of the time, we are not aware of the danger of the esotericism that surrounds us. To be obsessed by the topic or not know anything about it are both harmful. 

And most of all, when we believe in it, we are not even conscious of the power of Jesus that could dwell in us if we believed in Him. 

Here, the mic is all yours, Romayne:


Waking nightmare 

My family was in total chaos…

We suffered never ending oppression, were chased by evil spirits and we were all possessed. There was violence, huge unexplainable blockages, failures and hardships in every area of our lives… 

We were divided. Every day, evil spirits would manipulate us. We were under their influence. It would occur at specific times and according to a specific agenda. 


Shit rescue

With my mother, we used to practice witchcraft in order to protect ourselves from witchcraft… And clairvoyance in order to know what witchcraft was up to and try to free ourselves from it. In the end, it only added to the burden. We were sacrificing ourselves in order to save our family, but the enemy only gained more ground each time. Evil just moved elsewhere whenever a “so-called deliverance” took place. For years, we kept turning in circles, sinking deeper and deeper. 



My mom was really depressed. Chaos at home was such that she asked me to get some help. She was determined to end our lives, my brothers’, mine and hers’ too because she didn’t want to abandon us. Either we made it out together or we died together.


Desperately seeking spiritual first aider

So, I left for college, and I had to be back with a solution before dark.

Basically, we were thinking of trying to find someone with an efficient deliverance method, a healer or whatever. I was looking for two students in particular, who could show me someone knowing God and “accredited” as an exorcist. Because, in spite of all, I was a Catholic believer. In my eyes, there was an unquestioned separation between witchcraft and clairvoyance (I considered clairvoyance as a gift of God to help us out of the works of witchcraft). Anyway, I was completely mixed up, in the grip of a spirit of deception but I was looking for a divine solution, a divine method.

For me, God was the only one who could rescue us from these hopeless situations: all the healers, bonesetters, clairvoyants, shamans, exorcists and priests I saw were completely overwhelmed by our situation. The spiritual enemy was playing around with them just as it was with us. And these people were just making things worse. 

The spirit of clairvoyance was telling me to look for a Muslim student. But I had learned to do the opposite of what it was telling me, because I knew that this voice was trying to mislead me, by using either lie or truth*.



So, I looked for a student named Grace. Once, she had given me her phone number so I could pass her my notes whenever she had classes to catch up. I couldn’t tell her my story face to face because I didn’t really know her. Plus, I was too shy, so I texted her. She told me to meet her in the cafeteria at the end of the class. 

I went. She was in a hurry because one of her classes was about to start. She just had time to tell me how she had defeated witchcraft and how she and her family had made it thanks to God. Then in front of me, very naturally, she prayed for 5 minutes for me and my family. Before leaving she gave me the details of a Christian man who, according to her, belonged to a church “that could help me”, better than hers. I had never heard of anyone overcoming witchcraft for good. I always heard about people never pulling through, or if they had, their “method” wasn’t working with us.



The churches I knew, and people in general, didn’t know anything about this dark spirituality. They just thought witches and seers were insane people or just mavericks.  However, there were times when we did talk about it with open-minded people, but actually we were the ones teaching them...

In these conditions what kind of help could we have expected from anyone?



On Sunday December 9 2018, with my mom, I went to the church I was told about. For the first time ever, I heard songs of triumph and victory over the enemy. 

We waited until the end of the service to see the pastor with whom we had an appointment. He spoke to us a little and asked us to repeat a prayer. At that very moment, I received the Holy Spirit! 

Then he said: 

- Things are really going to change. You will receive a sign that the Lord has moved, you’ll see! 

He said that under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We had every reason to doubt because nothing had ever worked before and we had a hard time trusting anyone.

In the car on our way back from church, I felt great joy. I tried to reassure my mom because I knew things were going to be okay. As we were arriving home, I heard a loud voice. It came from heaven and was very close at the same time. It was the voice of someone who had surprisingly always known me and cared about me. It was the voice of the Father (God). It said:

- Your father and your step mother will be saved. 

My mother didn’t hear it, but I was shaken... The Lord had struck a sore spot with such authority and gentleness. There was no other way but to believe and surrender. I didn’t know what “to be saved” meant nor that I had received the Holy Spirit but I knew God had seen the wound in my heart, to have left my father in the clutches of witchcraft and not to see him anymore.

To reassure herself mom wanted us to do a session of clairvoyance in the car as we often used to do. But this time I just didn’t want to. I knew we only needed to trust and that was enough to help me speak to her boldly.



The next day, I went to college. I was thinking about what the pastor had said and I was asking myself questions. Just before entering the classroom, I got a call from my father. I hadn’t spoken to him for over a year and he wasn’t even supposed to have my number... He told me my grandmother had just passed away. It happened to be the day Grace (the Christian student) had prayed… Was it divine judgment?


Death and divine judgment 

My grandmother used to kill people through accidents and she sought revenge through witchcraft. She also intended to have me under control, so I would become a witch too and go after my mother and carry on her plans of destruction. 

But the day a true born-again Christian prayed for me and my family, God judged her. The word the pastor had said was fulfilled. It was the only sign that could really prove to me my life was going to change, because nothing would have stopped my grandmother! Even while being in ignorance and sin, I had been awaiting a divine judgment over her.



Sometimes later I tried to use clairvoyance again without knowing it was really bad. The Holy Spirit got angry and told me I shouldn’t do that anymore. I told Grace I was a clairvoyant. She didn’t blame me but simply prayed for me. Shortly after, the pastor told me how bad it was, and I gave it up as soon as I found out.

During the two years I had spent in college I hadn’t had any friends and I suddenly made two. My mom stopped the clairvoyance sessions she used to do for a living. Little by little, things started matching God’s will and falling into place, concerning me at least. My mother is still on the way. 

My stepmother converted to God this morning!! Immediately God showed her the idols in her house... It was very touching and strange to see her saved, because she was bound by occultism… mainly undergoing it, in fact.   

A new life is starting for her too. 


* It is important to stress that this voice also says true things concerning others. It very well describes the past, the present and even the future. And if the person who is consulting remains in the enemy’s plan for their life, they will end up fulfilling what the spirit of clairvoyance has predicted. 

This spirit doesn’t just lie or frighten, it is much more cunning than that. Otherwise, no one would be attracted to it but would rather try to escape it. Instead, it manipulates us with half-truths, saying positive things in order to attract us, and better fool us, and lead us into the bad plans he prepared. Many are addicted to clairvoyance because it reassures them. But the devil who is speaking through the voice of clairvoyance is unable to reassure even though it takes the appearance of light. 


Find more of the author’s meditations in his book: Meet me in the forest

First 80 pages of volume 1 for free here.

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clairvoyance and witchcraft

The day Romayne wrote to tell me my comics “Conventional Wisdom” had really helped her when she was looking for a change, she also shared some of her old life… and phew! I just can’t believe what some people go … More… More…

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Jackson* from Canada (and originally from Belgium, but who cares…) sent me a letter, telling me that after having been badly hurt in Christian circles, he had given up on his faith (it's what most people do!!).   

It comes down to throwing the baby out with the bathwater! 

'Coz, heyyy! Jesus and His fan club are two different things!! 

When we confuse them, it only shows how shallow our relationship with Christ is or that it only depends on the meetings we attend (which is the same in fact). 


 *Don't try figuring out who it is, it's not his real name

 First blow!

Small encouragement to all those who are just starting their walk with God. 

You've just started a promising journey, expecting to be amazed and thrilled… BUT… at one point or another you'll reach the well-known borough of believers. It shines with wonderful promises and you anticipate support and guidance for the journey. The name of the place is "Yulbe BC" (Battered by Christians).    

I might as well tell you right away that you're gonna be shoveling shit and experience brutal awakening… but if you can make the difference between believers and God to find your way through and carry on with your journey, while still loving both Yulbe and God (who, I repeat, has nothing to do with the problem), then you'll be strong enough to face anything that'll come your way! So, just hang in there 'coz it's worth it!! 


So… What about Jackson? 

Jackson told me that after reading the first three volumes of "Meet me in the Forest" *, he reconciled with God**. I was so glad for him, (survivors are rare!). But when I tried to tell him that all believers weren't like the ones he had already met and that maybe… if he didn't mind… no pressure… and if it was okay with him... he could, maybe… uh, try to see other believers…(?) AAAAAAAAAAARGH! (Well… tell me about it!) He had a panic attack!! I immediately tried to comfort him by telling him there was no emergency! And that, yes, of course, I understood! And no, I agreed: one step at a time was just perfect!... and that for the moment, the most important was to root himself in a true relationship with Christ. Only when it's solid enough, will he try to visit the not so doomed borough again (one can even find true eternal friendships there, and incredible nuggets from heaven!) 

But take it easy (breathe deeply, theeere you go…), I was just saying!


Only the first one is translated in English for the moment, sorry!


** Wow! I'm so happy about that, but it's no magic formula and it doesn't always work, sorry again! (I'm afraid God doesn't care for ready-made recipes) 

Find more of the author’s meditations in his book Meet me in the forest. First 30 pages for free here.   If you wish to receive Alain Auderset's newsletter, you can sign up here ." ["post_title"]=> string(18) "Stinking bathwater" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(7) "publish" ["comment_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["ping_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(20) "leau-du-bain-qui-pue" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2022-02-11 09:34:32" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2022-02-11 07:34:32" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(32) "" ["menu_order"]=> int(0) ["post_type"]=> string(4) "post" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(1) "0" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" ["post_title_ml"]=> string(54) "[:fr]L’eau du bain qui pue[:en]Stinking bathwater[:]" ["post_title_langs"]=> array(2) { ["fr"]=> bool(true) ["en"]=> bool(true) } }

Stinking bathwater

  Jackson* from Canada (and originally from Belgium, but who cares…) sent me a letter, telling me that after having been badly hurt in Christian circles, he had given up on his faith (it’s what most people do!!).    It comes down … More… More…

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If we think that the gospel doesn’t interest this generation, we are wrong. When you see people following all sorts of creepy, magical and occult theories, don’t be impressed by how they act. They’re just like you and me, searching anywhere. They’d love to know Jesus personally, like we do...


See for yourselves with this letter I just received: 


Florence’s letter

 The video

Hi Alain, it’s Florence.


You are often in my thoughts since I saw one of your videos and I’ve been wanting to write to you for quite some time.

I listened to you when you shared your story and I was so impressed! 🤔 I started laughing as you talked, and crying at the same time! Anyway, it was just 😳.

For the first time, someone was telling me about God and Jesus, outside the mold of the church. 



I’ve been sick for eight years now, with a mysterious disease doctors can’t heal. I can’t walk or drive and I suffer from terrible stomach and back pain which cause me chronic fatigue. Alone at home all day all the time... I wanted to die. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been looking for something but the advice I was given always led to the New Age with a bunch of therapists and experiments lacking meaning, power and most of all, love. All this was just destroying me and eventually my body totally let go. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I resented God, mankind and the whole world! 



A couple of weeks ago, I was given a religious video that really triggered something. It was about prayer for the healing of the sick in Saint-Nicolas Deschamps, a church in Paris. For the first time I actually heard Christians say that the Holy Spirit comes to heal people. 

I don’t know what happened inside me, but I saw my whole life as on a screen and all the bullshit of these past experiments. I saw all the occult forces that had manipulated me through all this. It’s as if I hadn’t been aware of what my life was like before, and that suddenly, everything became clear. 

I know for sure I experienced grace. Jesus came to look for me in my darkness and my misery. 



One thing leading to another, I searched the net and I found you. Your books, your comics, your humor and your simplicity. It really touched me.

20 years ago, I studied arts at the Beaux-Arts. I did some research on Christ dead in “The Descent from the Cross” without realizing He was already speaking to me then… It’s like pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for me now. 

All this is just to thank you. I’ve decided to treat myself with your books and comics. I’ll order them at the lowest price, not because they’re not worth more, but because I haven’t worked for 8 years and I do things according to my means. 😅


Your forest, my garden 

Thank you for thinking of me in your forest. I love nature too. For the moment I can’t enjoy it fully but I go in my garden and walk the 20 yards I can, to pray (or rather talk to someone) out loud. 


From the bottom of my heart Alain, thank you. Thank you Jesus. I love you both so much. Thank you for having spoken to me. 


My answer: 

Hello Florence

I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes as I was reading you. What the Lord is doing and how he manages to reach you in the midst of all your trials, is truly beautiful. 


A relationship with God is a spring of happiness. And it has been made available for us because of the sacrifice of His beloved Son. Without Him, it would be impossible for us to approach the One who loves us so much. 

I encourage you to persevere. Keep going in your garden, keep reading the Bible (starting with the New Testament). In the Bible God speaks big time. 


If you want to get my books, try ordering them in a bookstore in France, it’ll cost you less in postage than ordering them in Switzerland.


See you soon. 




Find more of the author’s meditations in his book Meet me in the forest. First 30 pages for free here.   If you wish to receive Alain Auderset's newsletter, you can sign up here ." ["post_title"]=> string(14) "In the New Age" ["post_excerpt"]=> string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(7) "publish" ["comment_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["ping_status"]=> string(6) "closed" ["post_password"]=> string(0) "" ["post_name"]=> string(15) "dans-le-new-age" ["to_ping"]=> string(0) "" ["pinged"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified"]=> string(19) "2022-01-03 15:03:05" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> string(19) "2022-01-03 13:03:05" ["post_content_filtered"]=> string(0) "" ["post_parent"]=> int(0) ["guid"]=> string(32) "" ["menu_order"]=> int(0) ["post_type"]=> string(4) "post" ["post_mime_type"]=> string(0) "" ["comment_count"]=> string(1) "0" ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" ["post_title_ml"]=> string(42) "[:fr]Dans le new age[:en]In the New Age[:]" ["post_title_langs"]=> array(2) { ["fr"]=> bool(true) ["en"]=> bool(true) } }

In the New Age

If we think that the gospel doesn’t interest this generation, we are wrong. When you see people following all sorts of creepy, magical and occult theories, don’t be impressed by how they act. They’re just like you and me, searching anywhere. They’d … More… More…

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Charm of the night

The summer night has left the evening of its adolescence to enter the darkness of its maturity. Majestic and fully inspired, it extends its light veil of clouds, still hiding nothing of the nakedness of its immense and infinite starry sky. The full moon is at its zenith. Behind a delicate veil of cloud, it has the feline glance of a girl in love, who is pretending not to see you when she only has eyes for you… The breath at my window, invigorated by the subtle summer scents of the meadows is like arms wide open inviting me to share the moment. Pure beauty…! Much more peaceful than days, nights carry and spread the soft babbling dreams of the humans who have left the frenzy of their complicated world for a restful sleep.

Assisted by the silence of the universe and the chant of the inhabitants of the woods and the fields, it hums a relaxing, magical and hypnotic symphony that rocks us in its arms. 

The many mysteries of the night attract me. Surrendering to its charm, I decide to savor it in the forest. Except that today, it’s not the night I am meeting with but my son. 


The metal tribe

‘Coz my boy is performing a concert in the middle of the woods. In this odd location, along with Seb, his pal who plays the guitar, they will be taking part in a heavy metal (and stoner) festival. I’m so happy to be able to witness their progress and their artistic performance once again. I will also get to meet and mingle with his marginal friends, who over the years, have become mine as well. A whole tribe of regulars attend this kind of event. They’re at odds with a society that insistently tries to brainwash everyone, and they’re looking for something else. I so understand their cry, and actually, I do have “something else” in me. 

And if I enjoy the road leading me to them, it’s mainly due to the journey, because I’m not going on my own.


Tiptoeing away.

Exhausted by the day to come and unable to resist, my wife has already fallen asleep in her cozy bed. I kiss her goodnight and like a jolly little fellow on a good blow, I tiptoe away. 

I'm so used to the walls of my house that I don’t even see them anymore. It feels good leaving for someplace with no walls at all. Doing things the other way around, I enter outside and disappear in the night.


Trail in the night

There are several woods to cross before reaching my destination, so I take my car. I drive very slowly in order not to disturb the penetrating atmosphere of the place, windows wide open to absorb it better. The air is mild. Usually, at this time of night, I’m already in the fascinating land of dreams. And for sure, part of me is dreaming, even though I’m awake. I’m inclined to say it’s because of the immense presence of the humble person accompanying me. 


 Blessed journey 

God… Above all, this journey is an opportunity to spend a special moment with Him. Although He’s invisible, He’s so much more real and there, than any of my visible friends.

It’s the reason why the journey often becomes more important than the destination. 

Behind the wheel, with Him, I realize I’ve been longing for this moment all day. I slow down to make it last... 

I hadn’t even realized that I needed to get some apparently ordinary everyday matters off my chest. The relief that follows makes me understand that every situation I handed over had been a source of undetectable stress wrapped in some “make do” I hadn’t discerned. 


Lost !

There is no sign to show the way to the festival. (hahaha! I recognize the team’s erratic organization! Hmm, okay… I’m not the most focused person either and I might’ve missed it…). As I follow prehistoric paths, I have a doubt: Is it the wrong night or am I just lost? 

I turn the engine off, in order to hear my destination better... 

-Ah!!! On my left… music! Phew! 

The closer I get, the clearer it becomes. From below I can see multicolored light glowing from a cabin in a meadow. My deduction is that’s where I’m trying to go. 

-Hey! but I'm not heading in the right direction! 

The sound, making its way between hills and valleys, is playing tricks on me. Following my heart and the music, I take a most narrow and rocky path. Only when I come across some people on their way back, am I heartened.  



The first person I see when I reach the cabin is my son and his joy at my sight. I spot his sister immediately, my little darling, with her husband and my son’s young bride (they married a month ago). As I approach the stage, I joyfully say hello to all my buddies and all the long-haired youths I don’t really know but I do recognize. (Oh! how I love these kids!).


Beyond the audience

Super concert! The audience is unanimously admirative, though no one can see my son as completely as I do. They only enjoyed what blew up in their faces, when I could see deep inside him. 

To me, all his previous concerts are superimposed and I can appreciate them all, down to the very first one which occured in our small kitchen. Our bumblebee was just taking his first steps then, and started banging on pans for our greatest joy. 

I can still see him at six, his shining eyes lighting up ours the day we bought him his very first drums with what was left of our savings. 

I remember when as a kid he used to accompany me at church. I played the guitar and I was concerned that he might not be able to keep up with the beat (during our Saahsal* rehearsals, he’s the one worrying for me now...).

I can remember everything! When he was allowed to stay up late in order to follow our concerts or rehearsals and when, between two songs our former drummer taught him his secrets. 

I can still see the whole family scattered in the dawning audience, hidden in the crowd, to attend the first concert of his group who used to rehearse at home. Sure, the compliments were for them, but they made me even happier than if they had been for me. 

And long story short, I still have in heart (which works better than my mind), I have in heart practically all the gigs that followed.  

Arm in arm with my daughter, just like every time, we dance our joy of being there together. 

After hugging everyone warmly, I quietly slip away, softly sliding downhill to my cozy bed. Whatever dreams I am about to reach, I know they will never compete with the ones I’ve just left.  


A dad’s gaze 

I admit I might not be honest when speaking of my son... but I am, concerning what I feel. And what’s true is, had my son (or any other of my children) been physically or mentally disabled and totally unable to perform such artistic skills, I would’ve been just as proud. If all he had been able to make was a noodle necklace, I would wear it like a beautiful piece of jewelry. Because that’s what we dads are made of... 

– Isn’t that correct, my Dad/God who is in heaven? 

You’re like that, more than any of us. You’re there at every important moment of our lives. Careful not to disturb, mindful and discreet, you follow us everywhere... And hidden in the crowd, Your heart for Your children pounds even louder than mine. 


  *Saahsal is our band with my wife, my son Silas and 2 other friends.

To listen to Silas’ music:

Mouche-miel (his “math-metal-cheese” band):

Family Band & Co:


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The gaze in the night

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