Comic strips

The universe of Alain Auderset’s comic books makes us laugh out loud, yet sometimes, causes our grey cells to think things over! It questions the purpose of one’s own life. Humour is powerful in revealing the worst dramatic situations and sometimes to put them in perspective. Current events and politics are not Alain’s thing, but to seek that which moves deep down in the workings of the human heart, that grabs him! It is something much deeper and universal. Sometimes he rubs shoulders with the divine, death, love, marriage crises and… snails from the highlands of Mesopotamia!

For Alain, a comic book is the end of two years of work; drawings, ideas, as well as studying spiritual matters (see his blog), ponderings, listening to those around him, sincere callings into question, in short, something quite rare, don’t you think?

Watch the creation of a comic strip from A to Z, link to a PDF of the newsletter “ElValero” (on page two). Attention, it’s heavy to download!

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