The Auderset diary 2011-2012

This year it’s Laurent Bachmann – the first graphic designer of the Auderset workshop – who took up the challenge of its design. He knew how to promote Alain’s drawings, whilst controlling their sheer folly with great graphic restraint, turning the diary really into a choice work of art (not usual for a diary). The white hardback cover, its unusual horizontal format, and (for the first time in its history) printed in color, only confirm that what we hold in our hands is an object of a rare genre!

The theme is Marcel, the little gullible and endearing character, who without really intending to, invites us to reflect on life, its values and who from time to time meets the divine; all done joyfully and in good fun. The comic strips are in color and – under the dates- in shades of grey, it’s almost a mini, comic strip book….
All sprinkled with appropriate Bible verses, in short, a fine recipe to make life beautiful every day!

Real impact: You only need one student in a school class having one, to ensure that at the end of the year the whole class will have read it (thanks to boring lessons)!
Many testimonies, stand takings, general discussions on their themes, privileged contacts and the discovery of faith in others, have reached us following each of the preceding editions…..

Limited edition (dates oblige!) there are not enough for everyone!

Price: Eur 10.- / CHF 15 .- /available now.

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Poster “Sheep”

Those who appreciated the poster “Ichtus” will be pleased to learn of the issuing of a new poster in the same genre… but this time with sheep! In the Bible, humans are often compared to these courageous ovine, and although man may think he is superior, it is undeniable that they share many a failing!… These have not escaped the cynical – but affectionate- regard of Alain Auderset. Sheep are one of the rare animals who cannot survive without a (the good) shepherd (you saw that coming –didn’t you?)… No-one is spared, especially not the religious… but, the author always brings us back to the essential: A friendly relationship with the divine shepherd!

Format : 50 x 70 cm — Price : CHF 12.- / EUR 8.00

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