Dad’s Glory



Dad’s glory (story taken from Date in the forest 1)

My little Benjamin and I, (who’s getting less little by the day, actually) love spending quality time together.
I’m fascinated by his world: Did you know that the best armor is forged in dragon scales? (and that the dragon always has a few gold coins on him – weird, isn’t it?) Well, rest assured, the dragon in question is not one of his class’s teachers but is in a game…(But you never know, perhaps I’ll come across one some day…) 

Beneath the stars

We also like having cartoon-watching evenings – just the two of us – it’s so awesome to huddle up on the sofa with a world-exclusive home-made shake and plenty of snacks (the unhealthier the better!)
We have filled our heads with dreams watching Japanese animations, then laughed out loud at others, but also lost ourselves in our very own philosophical reflections. We often recall the best of these moments when we’re lying on our backs, staring at the imaginary stars on the ceiling! It’s like we’ve been through all sorts of adventures together.
I love my son, and I feel so lucky to be able to spend this time with him. Every time I see him, it makes me so happy, in fact, I’m his number one fan … And God, it’s a bit the same with you…

My first “Oscar”

This evening I show all of my little family the cartoons that I am ‘author’ of. (OK, it’s mainly the Moondog Animation studio that made them, but never mind…)
I see something in my child’s eyes that shines brighter than any medal of honour of the greats of this world: he is proud of me…
The reflection of the cartoon in his eyes is so much more beautiful than all the HD screens. In my father heart the jackpot signs lit up!
This is what God (our heavenly Father) must feel when we are proud of Him.

Your Father likes being with you…


Now, three years later, this cartoon has been watched on facebook over 36 millions times.


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