The lion in the pit

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The lion in the pit
Text from « Rendez-vous dans la forêt 1 »

    I’d barely thawed out from my Canadian trip before I’d plunged into a whole new series of challenges that would push me to my limits, you know, witnessing in front of curious crowds, transforming the world before breakfast, burping the alphabet in one go, taking a leap of faith (or a mad leap into the unknown ?), etc.

Sitting in the garden on my own, I talked it over with Jesus:
 – ‘Lord, am I mad to take up the gauntlet like this?’
It seemed to me that God said to me: 
– ‘Go on, the answer’s there, waiting for you …’

As soon as I arrived at the apartment, my ten year old son called out to me from his bed:
 – ‘Dad! Dad ! I’ve got a passage from the Bible to read to you…’
– ’?!?’

It’s about a warrior of King David’s who went down into a pit, armed with nothing more than a stick, and killed a lion there…
This dude’s crazy; why did he do such a thing !?
Was there nothing on the TV that day ?…
David (often compared to Christ the King) must have been so proud to have such a top guy in his army.
Wow ! Awesome or what ?…


     People yearn for spiritual input into their lives but lions (a spirit of disbelief, reliance on the purely rational, the devil, garden gnomes, apathy, secularism, fear, excuses, etc.) have taken up strategic positions and stop people from drinking from the well of Jesus’ friendship… #%!! It’s so wrong…
Well, here goes nothing… I’M GOING IN !
… The Lord is with me ! That’s what I need to see first, before I see the lion… And of course, I’ll have you all praying for me, won’t I?
(I hope there’s no spiders down there…)


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