The Unbeliever’s Miracle

Out of order!

The rays of the setting sun skim the roof tops, from apartment windows a warm light shines,
shadows stretch into infinity,
In this magic moment, when the transition between day and night seems real enough to reach out and touch,
the moon is already in position… oh… Lord, I love this time spent with you…

You wouldn’t know it, but tonight, I’m out on a special ops mission… like a hunter full of confidence, I stalk the streets of my village. My weapon: a keen eye (my own, to boot),
And I’ve a feeling I’m going to be in luck in my quest to flush out my prey: a good DVD.

However, when I get to the video distributor at the corner of the street, something strange happens…
I push the buttons and: NADA!?!
(arrggh! This is the only distributor in the whole area!!)

Both of us are disappointed!
A low, indifferent-sounding voice spoke behind me, confirming:
-“it’s kaput all right!”

What have we here? The distributor owner, looking pretty despondent:
– “It’s a complete write-off, buddy, there’s nothing to be done about it! And the repair guy won’t be coming any time soon…”

I’m really upset and disappointed, oh…not so much for the DVD,
But because of something much more important:
Being able to spend a nice evening in with a movie, my wife, my spouse, myself and Alain Auderset (like, a whole bunch of us…)
-“No way! I’ve got other plans for you!!”

I place my two hands on the machine and in a commanding voice I say:

-“In the name of Jesus Christ, work!!!

I press the button and before the owner’s astonished gaze
the machine works and out pops the DVD I’ve chosen.

The distributor owner is open-mouthed in astonishment, caught in a world of confusion.
I get ready to go, as if nothing had happened, and to top it all
I toss out a casual goodbye:
– “Well, ok bud, have a nice evening!”

(hee hee! Giving non-believers the shock of their lives – that’s God’s and my little game…
(and He, in turn, has often played me at this game too, and won))

Winning thelottery! (yipes! unreal!)

The next day, I brought the DVD back to the store (the machine’s out of order again)
The owner points at me and shouts out, in front of all his customers:

– “There he is! That’s him! That’s the guy who talks to God!!”

And one after the other, they ask me if I can help them win the lottery,
promising that they’ll give half their winnings to the poor.
It’s like that scene in ‘les misérables’ (with Cosette in it, but the acting’s not as good)
They entreat me, telling me how much happiness this would give them.

Now, I’m the one who’s caught in a world of confusion…

Having God as a friend is so much more than that!
Why ask for so little!?

Seek out THE healer, rather than the cure,
the source
of happiness, rather than happiness,
instead of just His miracles.
instead of just His blessings

Because everything is in Him.

Hugs and kisses to you all,


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