Super Pop

The meeting
I’d just started out on a walk in the forest,
when I saw someone coming towards me.
My heart leapt when I recognized my youngest son
(I love this little guy so much…)
He didn’t have to say anything,
I’d already seen from the look on his face that something was up.

– Hi pop, I’ve just been to a birthday party…
– ouch! I understand, that can’t have been easy…
– it’s not that, pop! I just had an argument with my friend, that’s all!

I sat down with him on a step.
I was genuinely interested in what he had to tell me (I listened just as carefully as I would have with an adult).
I didn’t bombard him with advice, I just listened attentively to him.

– and then, pop, what’s more, I’ve got a really hard English test to hand in,
I have to stick photos of each member of my family and write something about them and…and I don’t know how…
– don’t worry precious, super pop is here! (sometimes, I even believe it myself!)

I went back home, turned on my PC and showed him exactly what he had to do, and he sat on my lap and got on with it.
It would have been quicker for me to do it all myself,
but he wouldn’t have learnt anything and to tell you the truth, I like to make these times we have together last.

The time we spend with those whom we love is never wasted,
(rather, it’s always time we’ve saved).

Our work finished, we were as pleased with ourselves as a couple of Vikings who’d just finished a bit of pillaging and plundering!
We toasted the occasion with a big glass of cordial and a manly ‘cheers’

Early Fall 
I continued on my way, towards the forest.
We really are right slap bang IN the masterpiece of the greatest Artist of them all.
The elements are His tools, His rays of sun the multicolored palette from which he paints, these (His) last times: He doesn’t hold back! He scatters a thousand joyous shades upon the trees, drawing them into a jubilant waltz around me,
all against a subtle backdrop of white mist that crowns Him the master poet.

Despite his efforts, He is unable to take my mind off my worries,
my head was a muddled mass of grown-up cares,
So He decided to take another tack…

The meeting
Then, someone came towards me along the path.
From afar He had already seen from the look on my face that something was up…
It was the Divine artist Himself:

super Pop…



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