Two swipes

The offense
I understand quite quickly
When I’m taught for a long time…

A friend of mine made fun of this failing,
In front of my children and my trainees.
While he was laughing out loud,
I was feeling really humiliated…

The second swipe
As a ‘’good Christian’’ I told to myself:
-« Well…anyway, I shut up and forget it. »

But Jesus does not have this opinion:
-« If anyone slaps you on the right cheek,
turn to them the other cheek also. »
(Mat 5 :39)

Thereby, I can’t ’’forget’’, but return and tell him:
-« Hey, you hurt me! »
If he is ‘’regular’’, he will justify himself:
-« OK, but it’s not only my fault, but also yours! (or the society’s one),
I had the right to say it, and blabla… »
And for me, this will be similar to THE 2nd SWIPE!

I went back to my friend and…
amazing, he asked for forgiveness without slapping me!
That kind of friend is pretty rare
(conserve it preciously)

A real super hero
Is someone stronger than himself

An old musician of Saahsal
went to meet one of my friends, knocked at the door and,
almost crying, humbly asked for forgiveness because he had criticized him,
and this even if his friend didn’t know it.

In general, people ask for forgiveness
if they are caught!
( ?!)

This last testimony
impressed me even more than
the one I met one evening
and he had brought back to life many dead people!

Since then, I have for this friend an immense regard in my heart. (even if I have never told him)

The value of a human being
It is not the big biblical knowledge,
nor the titles
(former, priest, chair coordinator for the left aisle, or big choucroute cook for the apostle of the last days)
nor the accomplished miracles,
nor the talent of sanctimonious to the ‘’inferior beeings’’
(which are ‘’the others’’)
which determines the spiritual level of someone,
unfortunately it is often a religious varnish behind we hide…
But his ability to repent and face his wrongs and change.

The size of a man is the size of his own humility.




From the 29th of may to the 10th of june 2013 (I know, just after the apocalypse…)
I’m making a tour in
Does anybody want to invite me ? (shows, testimonies, interviews)
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