USA: good bad news

I was beaten !

Total sale after a year and a half : Zero !

The distributor has broken the contract!


Historical of ‘’Conventional Wisdom’’ in USA:

2006: I sign a contract with an English editor

2,000 sold in the UK

500 sold here

2,000 given (today, I still have 2,000 left)

2009: the contract ends (not enough selling for him)

2011: I sign with an American distributor

2012: end of the contract


Cultural problem ?

No, my comic does touch the American youth!

I saw it during my trip to Mississippi



The comic was available on a shelf somewhere in the USA,

But who knew it…?!

I had to do my own advertising there….

They said they could do my advertising if I

Had paid 10,000 $ cash!

(well, I’m already suffering for getting a small salary sometimes…so, as strange as it appears to be, I said no!)

I tried many things starting by ‘’we could just…’’

But …(anyway…)

In fact: no marketing, no advertising: no fruits!


Tomatoes defeat!

All this looks like my small tomatoes on my porch,

I didn’t take care of them and now,

Even though I tried to save some of them, it’s all damned…

The USA is a good ‘’market’’, OK (even for those tomatoes)

It could help me to take off from my survival condition

But there is something else for me,

I feel that I stole something from them in Heaven



Then, I felt on my knees,

I replant those poor sick fruits

With a sincerely love and then I

Prayed for this huge country

(It actually needs prayers, whatever we say about it)

The biggest tree on Earth

Was first a small act of faith,

Just a little seed of madness,

Which hasn’t been despised


The future

The comic ‘’Robi’’ is the last one available in USA


-for smartphones

(by two different editors)


Your mission (if you accept it)

Make as much noise as possible!

-to the ones who have English links!

-I’m ready to testify in those countries, but it’s

Kind of impossible if I’m not introduced by someone who knows someone who…. in English

-in order to receive the newsletter in English and

Spread it further:


Good news : this is going to change

Actually, it is quite a good new this end of contract…

Because after my cartoon success in the USA,

I will be free to engage a bigger editor!



But in any case, my ambition is higher than the cartoon or even the USA

I know some have guessed already…

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