I’ve grown

Marching orders…

Being in an inquisitive frame of mind,
I sent off an email to ‘my’ personal prayer team, saying:

– “I feel that God is asking me to do stand-up in the non-church sector,
But I don’t know how to go about it…”

the sentence was barely written,
not even sent yet, when:


I get an invitation to a comedy festival in the south of France
in two months’ time.

After the show:

Jesus’ garden

we don’t go into the forest much these days because my leg’s broken
(but I don’t hold that against it)

Surrounded by a thousand smells and birdsong, I’m sitting in the garden with Jesus. We listen to the plants growing, while the sunrays that he made for this little corner of the universe flood all we can see with a light that’s both cool and welcomingly warm at the same time.
(Wow, this dialogue is awesome!)

That day, I was talking to him about a show that
had had a real impact on the town’s teenagers,
but at the same time had disappointed some Christians,
who were expecting something better.

Discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, disdited (I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it rhymes )I just wanted to give up.
a sudden thought came to me:

– “If I asked you to do this, it’s because I believe you’re capable of doing it…”
– “Tenthousandthunderingblunderingtyphoons! But of course!”

I got up, I revised it, I said ‘come on, shake a leg’(shake a leg, geddit?)

– “I can do it, I have to!”
The show was a complete success.

That day, in the garden,
I grew in maturity.


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