Underground with Dad

Mission impossible
Right under my comic-writing workshop
is a cellar filled with soil
(in some places it reaches the ceiling)
I’m digging in there with all my might with a pickaxe,
shovel and wheelbarrow.

The plan is to make a music room.

This makes me think of the huge scale of the task I set myself
when I want to reach “Mr Everyman” with the gospel through my comic books

(or to give my testimony on CNN, or become friends with the Chinese emperor,
or harder still, to convince my wife what’s the point of football)

Everyday faithfulness 
To be honest, I’m not making much progress,
but I keep digging for 1 or 2 hours without fail every day – I’ll get there in the end!

Strangely enough, I even look forward to sweating it out during these moments of hard work, because I can listen to the Bible on my mp3-player,
these are special moments of intimacy with my heavenly Father*.

(*by “father” I mean God, because my “earthly” father doesn’t know how to fly yet)

The little workman
The other day, my little Benjamin –he’s just turned 8-
Decided he was going to help me – he was really determined about it.
This little fellow is really pleased to be able to work alongside me and chat.
We have wheelbarrow races
(he always wins!)
Benjamin, he means pure happiness to me.

Too small
Just one shovelful from Dad makes his small wooden wheelbarrow overflow!
He stopped for a moment and noticed that I put a lot
more into my wheelbarrow  than he did in his.
He tried to impress me by wheeling my barrow.
After a massive effort, all he managed to do was to knock it over.

My little man was disappointed:
– “Oh Dad! It’s no use, I’m not helping – my wheelbarrow is so small that we’ll never finish”

I stopped, knelt down and looked at him with love:
– “Benjamin, what matters to me is not finishing the work as quickly as possible,
but just to do it with you.”

What Dad loves,
is to be with you.


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