The 5th branch

After sending my last email newsletter, (don’t go looking for it, I only sent it in French)

I was seized by a terrible fear

-” arrgh! What happens if no-one gets the irony ?

They’ll think that I’ve gone off the straight and narrow, that I’m getting a fat head… or worse still, that I read Sonic the Hedgehog comics in secret!

Everyone will give up on me…! “

(I get like this sometimes)

 I went off into the deepest part of the forest

– ” …what would it be like if I lost my reputation as a good Christian… “


– “…Ok Lord… you can have that reputation… as long as I can stay friends with you “.

The fragile branches that I cling to

My ministry, my children, my wife, my possessions, my health, my reputation, (the list isn’t in order of importance, by the way)

These are all branches that form my tree

If one day, the divine gardener were to lop one of them off:

It’s true, I’d suffer (no kidding),

but I wouldn’t die either!

Because the main trunk of my life are in my relationship with Jesus.

There, far from the hustle and bustle of the city,

I felt a great peace come over me,

It was Jesus, reassuring me…

What about you, how are you doing?

Have you lost an important branch of your life…(?)

Take courage, Jesus will never let you go, only He is invincible!

life, together with all the good things it’s got in store, will return, you can be sure of that…

Beware of one thing, however:

Make sure that Jesus is not just one branch amongst others in your life…..

If the axis upon which your life turns isn’t solid,

When it’s cut down…

(well…kabang! finito, kaput, sayonara…)


I was moving house and had loads of stuff.

– “Lord, could you send me some help, please? “

In the morning, I found a tall North African teenager (on vacation in the area) standing in the doorway :

– “Can I help you?! “

He asked, in a pleasant tone. I couldn’t believe it.

After we’d finished working, I told him about my prayer…

He froze, and told me:

– “I…I heard a voice that told me to go and help you, that’s why I came’’

How amazing is that? He’s from a non-practicing Muslim family…

but he still heard God’s voice

What about you? Are you careful to listen for God’s voice?

In his country, it’s a time of revolution, soldiers are firing live ammunition in the streets…

He recently wrote to my son, saying: “Ask your father to pray for me…

Yes, when I return to Switzerland I’d like to find out more about the faith of your father… “

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