The gates of glory

“Pop, what’s ‘glory’ mean?
Does it mean being known?”

– “Um…yes, no,…hang on, I’ll explain it to you”:

One day, I’ll arrive at Heaven’s gate,
which will be incredibly impressive,
guarded by archangels who are so powerful
that I’ll be as insignificant as a fly without a passport buzzing around their feet.

These Guardians are dressed in white, not in white clothes,
but white like all the waters of the Niagara falls,
although so much more powerful, that compared to these guardians,
these falls are little more than the size of a toilet flush in a dolls’ house bathroom
(made In China, sold on through eBay in the ‘well worn’ category).

All the inhabitants of Heaven are there,
calm, beautiful, amazing, celestial…

Do you know that in the depths of their looks
we can read the wisdom drawn from the mysteries of ancient times?
(Yeah… I don’t understand that bit either, but it sounds good, doesn’t it?)

They watch, unable to believe their eyes,
as the piteous beggar pleads before the door:

-“Let me in,
I am the blind and deaf friend of your King!

Blind, because throughout my life,
He gave me so many wonderful things, so much help, but I was almost unable to see it.

Deaf, because He talked to me so often yet I heard so little of what He said…

My understanding was so limited that when confronted with the absence of loved ones, suffering and death,
I understood nothing

But sometimes,
in the ‘coincidences’ of life, I sensed His presence
and in the silence of my prayers,
I heard the quiet sound of His steps…”

Then, from the furthest reaches of paradise,
Jesus Christ Himself, King of all the universe, will appear,
generating a hum of astonished murmurs.

He’ll make His way through the awe-struck crowd,
and reaching out to me with open arms, He’ll cry:
– “let him through, let him through…
he’s my friend!”

That’s what glory is, my son,
to be known… by Him.


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