The great wall of Europe

The great wall of Europe

I’ve watched it go up all around France. Some people call it secularity (the separation of church and state).

This wall stops the Gospel from getting through to the masses

(they who need it so badly).

It’s getting higher and higher all over the Western world…

The weapon!

So I decided to create a ‘weapon’ that could batter a way through the wall.

After more than 2 years, it was ready at last: A new comic book!!

Trojan Horse

Unlike my previous works, this new book says little about God

(in order to get past the uncompromising scrutiny of the sentries on the wall)

Once we’ve made it inside the major department stores and media outlets in France,

We wait for the readers to become hooked – (it’s like a kind of drug, actually!)

So they’ll want to buy the other comics.

(thus the wall will be breached from the inside!)

Invisible reinforcements

This morning, I went walking in the forest,

I was lost in my thoughts, even as I was talking to God about it all.

I suddenly looked up and was amazed to see

that I was totally surrounded by white blossoms,

(they hadn’t been there last time I looked!)

(what’s more, the damp, glossy look of the foliage gave it an almost fluorescent appearance).

It was as if a whole section of the Heavenly host was all around, thousands and thousands of angels…

Without thinking, I brandished a branch that I was carrying and shouted!

– ‘Charge! Over the wall!!!’

Surprised by my own outburst,

I gave a quick glance behind me:

There were no men in white coats in sight (you know…the ones who fit people with straitjackets!)

And so I went home (the flowers stayed there).

Today, what might have seemed crazy to someone listening to me in that forest, is about to happen:

I’m about to sign a contract with a retailer which targets the non-religious market in the European country where there’s the most resistance to the Gospel.

My attack begins at mid October.


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