Englan Tower

tour angleterre wA tower that is falling down!

My English editor told me that he was no longer going to reprint my comic books… Of 8,000 comic books, he still has about 2,600 left, I am going to see if I can buy them back… ouch!

I refuse to resolve to let everything crumble; I continue to believe that millions (for a start) of people are going to find Jesus through these comic books.

Lord, if this door closes, may it be so that another even bigger one opens somewhere else… 

David’s pals:

Are you crazy! Fight against Goliath?! But he is so enormous!!!


Cool, in that case I won’t be able to miss!’

Young padawans

A young Christian managed to get me into his comic book school. I was able to witness to his whole class, in spite of the teacher being visibly ill at ease about God being talked about so freely in his class.

By contrast, the students all looked really moved.

Lately I have been coming across talented young Christians saying to me that they want to follow in my tracks (hey, I’m going to have to wipe my feet then!).

It didn’t matter how hard I tried to explain to them that it was a life of hardship, taunting, uncertainty, impossible struggles, spilt inkpots, that the choice of loving Jesus and the lost was a choice of suffering, that a soldier who is dead to himself is the only one who frightens the enemy… 

It was no use! I didn’t manage to discourage them (so much for that)! So I prayed for them…

Alain Auderset
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