The wisdom of the banana tree

bananier2b wI have a banana tree in my studio.

(normal for a comic book workshop)!
Each time I transplant it into a bigger pot, it grows until its roots finish taking over the new area of soil.
(Aaaarg… STOP! Stop growing!)


What is vital in a tree is what is not seen… In our case, humans (as far as giraffes are concerned, I am not too sure…), it’s intimacy with God!

The more you extend your daily quality time with him (not just: ‘I pray when my wife is driving’ or ‘while I am brushing my teeth’… The more you will grow… And the more bananas you will have in your life (and bananas … they’re so good!)!

Today I am walking in the forest once again…
My path always goes through there (Oh that it had done a sudden runner to the Bahamas during the night…)!
The morning, in perfect complicity with the dew, coats the sides of the path with a glistening sparkle!

I ask God for nothing… other than to be closer to Him… ‘All fullness dwells in Jesus’, Colossians 1:19 (a passage in the Bible). Piece of advice for a ‘smart perspective’: if you have Jesus, you have everything!!
Suddenly on my path I see something amazing: thick, visible roots…
…that perks me up and I get a ‘banana’ smile!

P.S. I have planted lots of baobabs (that’s one of the biggest trees in the world!) all over my studio, but I no longer know where…Well, they are really tiny seeds…Oh dear! I have a hunch that they also have something to say to me
…With all these plants with the gift of the gab surrounding me while I make comic books, there is a cacophony!

 Alain Auderset
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