Spyke is gone


(This drawing was made by my son Benjamin. It portrays Spyke so well… He loved playing and rolling in the sun.) 


Spyke is gone

My dog (my life buddy)’s health was declining rapidly. 

So, I asked the Lord what I was supposed to do: he was only 8 and a half years old. Was I to pray for him to heal?  

(I witnessed a couple of miraculous healings during my life, so why not his?)  But He answered:  

– Let him go, Alain. His time has come. 

His answer reminded me that we were nothing but passers-by on earth and that it was only natural that we should go one day. 

If the most caring and fair person I know (God) says so, then I know that the best thing to do is just to accept he would soon die…  



On Sunday, our small family gathered on the deck to spend one last moment with him. Witnessing everyone’s sadness wasn’t easy, but it truly was such a beautiful day of fall… The forest’s beautiful colors were enhanced by the sun. Such peace emanated, that I had the feeling I hadn’t actually noticed it before. Spyke was suffering and could hardly move, but I realized that he came to each one of us, wagging his tail feebly, as if to say goodbye. 

In the evening, at home, Spyke left us. I saw him leave; I saw his life fading away. In tears, I carried his little body to the animal care center. I couldn’t walk straight and was afraid of dropping him. I so wanted to be with him until the end, so when they put him in a freezer until cremation… my heart shattered for good. 


As I was leaving the place, I was crying at the thought of my lifeless dog, abandoned in this cold and horrible box. That’s when Jesus told me: 

– He’s gone, Alain… Gone!

His words comforted me, it wasn’t my dog I had left there, it was just his body, he wasn’t there anymore. 

I’m grateful to the Lord for having known Spyke all these years, my doggo so full of joy and life… I am more than ever determined to make the most of every single moment I am given. I’ll rejoice in everything around me. I’ll savor still living on this earth and being able to bless people with my writings and my drawings. And, of course, I’ll go in the forest to talk with God… without Spyke.

Spyke in my books….

My little dog can be seen for the first time in “Meet me in the forest 2″ *. He was just a baby then, and was so cute!! And, of course, since he’s a part of my life, he was back in ” Meet me in the forest 3″ *. Check him out… he’s a real piece of work!!

Long before he was born, I had given “Robi” a little dog named Sir Flea Skwad, a spy serving the Creator and employed at helping his owner… I wasn’t aware of it then, but I now realize God was preparing me to welcome Spyke. And my Creator has helped me a lot through him, just like in the strips. 


 *The translation of these two books is in progress 



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