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FR2 the comeback

There seems to be changes in religious broadcasting on FR2 (a French TV channel): 

They hired young filmmakers to renew the style. Quite naturally, a new team showed up at the Auderset workshop in order to get a new perspective on my forest!  


No matter how hard I tried to tell them that the conditions couldn’t be worse to get nice shots that look good on a screen – ‘coz visually speaking it was the time of the year when the trees are most ugly: no more leaves and no snow yet! – it didn’t stop them. One of them even told me: “We rely on God!”. 

?!… Wow, unusual kind of answer in that social environment… (unless it was a joke… !?)


A localized climatic miracle!

The crazy thing happened, as soon as they arrived: a snowstorm occurred!!! 

In record time, snow wrapped the forest in a beautiful white coat! 

The whole team witnessed it. The outcome was outstanding pictures!!! 

During the shooting, I insisted on the fact that we were to go in the forest not only to speak to God but to listen to Him all the more. 

As soon as they were done shooting, the snow melted! 


They were three, and two of them wrote to me that it had real struck them and that, since the shooting, they had been going in the forest to seek God, too. One of them even told me that he went there every day, since.

It’s my prayer that, after the broadcast of this program, there will be thousands of them!!!



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