“Conventional wisdom” the comic strip, “Conventional wisdom” the cartoon !


“Conventional wisdom” the comic strip, “Conventional wisdom” the cartoon !

The comic “Conventional wisdom” 


This author’s inaugural work is a must-have. It combines existential questions and faith in an innovative way.

With over 80,000 copies sold in seven languages, including Mandarin, it has become a bestseller. This book, self-published in Switzerland, also won a special mention at the Angoulême International Francophone Christian Comics Prize.

Through its dark humor and specific graphic design, the book deconstructs prejudices about God, death, religion and humanity.

Aimed primarily at teenagers and young adults, it offers a refreshing, moving, funny and sincere experience. The authenticity it conveys will challenge the readers’ convictions, believer or not !

The book was recently translated and distributed in Myanmar, a country in the throes of civil war. Thousands of conversions have followed !

Comic available here 

Cartoon adaptation

September 2021: while Alain Auderset is spending some quality time with his friend Jesus, he receives a new mission from him: to make his first comic, “Conventional wisdom”, a cartoon.


First step of faith

September 2021: he hires Marius, 2D animator, and appoints him project manager.

May 2024: he hires Myriam, also 2D animator (and Marius’ wife).


Pre-production and pilot episode


Two pilot episodes are currently in production. It implies answering crucial questions for the rest of the creation:

● Technique used

● Designs

● Script

● Animatics

● Etc.


Other professionals assist the team in their work, on a regular or ad hoc basis, as required.

In the same time, we are actively looking for investors so that we can hire an entire team of animators, and set up an animation studio.

Visual searches on the pilot


Animation school


In August 2023, l’Atelier organized his first animation class ! It focused on the cut-out technique. It aims at forming our current team, but also discovering and integrating new talents.


Next courses:


February 2024: character design

April 2024: design and visual storytelling 

July 2024: image composition 

October 2024: color


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