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When Alain was a schoolboy, he joined in the local tradition of collecting old newspapers/magazines etc. designated for recycling. This was an occasion for the lad to take for his personal use, some “instructive” and appealing magazines abandoned by their owners or, worn-out comic books of which he was particularly fond. The day he discovered an enormous pile of the later, at the far end of a cellar that he was clearing out, he seized the opportunity to stuff as many as he could under his pullover before clearing off home to revel in this find…..

The reading of these comic books was for him, a revelation that would drastically change his life. The true stories contained in these periodicals spoke of people who doing good deeds and sharing a common Christian faith. This was the trigger point which led him, in his turn, to meet the one who would become the driving force of his life, Jesus-Christ!

After his formation as a graphic artist, followed by many years of struggles, he managed in 2001 to publish as the author, his first comic book. This was soon followed by four other artistic works that testify to his talent and his particular sensitivity. Married and father of four children Alain Auderset lives and works at Saint-Imier, in Switzerland.

Lilou, Alain’s wife, is an artist singer and composer (Zurich school of jazz)

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