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Who is it?


The friend

Alain Auderset is a friend of God. Yet, he is allergic to religion, and doesn’t belong to any particular church, sect or organization. He’s just an artist who loves his Maker and people. His faith is based on the Bible.

Interview on France 2 (a French TV channel, English subtitles available):


The art

His artistic work-writings, drawings, acts and music displays the scent of his divine Friend, while staying close to the people around him (believers or non-believers). Caring for others, the author shares a lot of resources for free, on social media and the internet.


The workshop

The artist is supported by an efficient artistic and administrative team (among which three of his children). As the sales of the Auderset workshop do not cover its costs, the team keeps going mainly on donations and a series of miracles.



For 27 years, Auderset has been 100% committed to his art. He has produced 11 comic books, 4 books (“Meet me in the forest”), 1 record (Saahsal) and 2 comical shows (“non-practicing atheist”, “the daddy-show”(“Le Papa show” in french)).


The original works in French are self-produced, allowing greater freedom in terms of content.


Lilou, Alain’s wife, is an artist singer and composer (Zurich school of jazz)

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