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It is now more than ten years that Alain Auderset has been on the road, sharing his experiences with those around him, going from humorous jokes to touching sensitive emotions, and above all, with a disconcerting sincerity.

Even if Alain likes to say that in giving his testimony he isn’t putting on a show, it is with the talent of a captivating storyteller that he modestly relates his personal experiences, accompanied by drawings on the screen, old and new anecdotes, poetry from a secluded region in the Jura Bernois, and a huge dose of improvisation. Duration: Ten minutes to 1hour (or more) according to demand. Possible languages not needing translation: French, Spanish, Swiss German, German, English, Italian.

Instead of telling his testimony from the beginning (like the testimony above), Alain now prefers to give anecdotes from his daily life as an artist. He doesn’t pretend, his art isn’t just a way to earn a living, but is the result of a sincere, not religious, relationship with God. His candid way of speaking will make you burst out laughing and will also touch your heart.

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