Conventional Wisdom 2


The third work from the author; Conventional Wisdom 2 follows the same style as Alain’s first volume Conventional Wisdom 1, which was an unexpected success. In the same style, yet showing a greater maturity in the drawings and the inclusion of some poetry give an extra touch!

(Panem et circenses) “Bread and games”, has been said since Antiquity.  This principle of focusing on subjects of little importance with the purpose to better forget the real questions hasn’t changed. Conventional Wisdom 2 brings us back to a reality which sometimes hurts.  (Anyone interested in existential slaps..!)  Whether it calls into question the meaning of life, the psychoanalysis of couples in difficulty; or God’s humour, all is presented with graphic strength, in black and white and with the precision of a Swiss watch!

Behind the humour of this little jewel, we can sense the profound, real life experience of the contents.

Feeding the reflection, and at the same time have us doubled up with laughter, seems to be the watchword of Alain Auderset, the author who hits the nail on the head.  Often crazy, sometimes tender, sometimes sharp, the scenes of life sketched here propel us into becoming privileged spectators, of secret thoughts and great metaphysical out-pourings which have agitated humanity since the world began…

Alain Auderset’s “touch” continues to assert itself through a technique that has reached maturity, and by a sophisticated graphic art used to serve a regard more biting than ever.

Public: Teenagers, young adults, and those who like black humour.  The lovers of graphics will be delighted.

This book is only available in French and German.

Hardback: 21.5 x 30cm – 64 pages.

Interview (in French)

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