Willy Grunch

The incorrigible questions of Willy Grunch

In this very “teenage” comic book, the landscapes have the place of honor. Each page has its own gags; however, there is a main theme running through them.  With his guitar as his only luggage, Willy is at the same time a philosopher, a poet and sometimes immature.  He also misunderstands everything: which particularly highlights our shortcomings!

Willy Grunch comes from Paris: he arrives in the “Jura Bernois” (Switzerland). We have to say that at first he was really bored…then he falls in love with Jasmine.  Pornography, girl-boy relations, racism, existential questions, depression and the means to escape from our confinements are the themes which are approached in this album, all with an omnipresent touch of humour!

Targeted public:  Teenagers, young adults and members of the general public who appreciate humour.

Willy Grunch leads us into the universe of a teenager with his flippant questions relating to the girl-boy theme.  However, increasing in maturity, he finishes on more existential questions, but always with humour.

This book is only available in French.

21.5 x 30cm – 64 pages

Price: CHF 19. – / Euro 12.50 / available now

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