His community

His community

The Auderset tribe occupies a key role in the life of the author, whose social environment is a source of sharing, inspiration and balance….

A non-typical and warm family constitutes the hub of this tribe. The family bathes in the artistic effervescence which surrounds Alain and contributes to it. Spirituality equally holds an important place in the works of Alain, who is actively engaged in the life of the Christian community of the Rock, to which he has belonged for many years.

His children:
Benjamin: “When I grow up, I want to be like daddy” – Séphora and her father (by S. Amman) – Silas: Singer and drummer of the group “Rhumpage” (photo below) – Océane-Aimée: A born actress….

One cannot just play at being a manager…

….this is why Alain was wise enough to surround himself with a comity of friends. Coming from different horizons, they meet together regularly in order to advise him for the follow through and the planning of further campaigns, as well as helping him to raise the necessary funds for the publishing of his works.

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