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N° 330’000’403 Robi, to his friends

The same old routine day in day out… that seems to have been the existence of Jean-Philippe Robert Sakamoto until that famous morning when, in front of the mirror, he realizes that he suffers from a worrying malformation… Robi (to his friends) is actually suffering from a gaping internal emptiness, which leads him in a mad quest. This story tells us of the struggle of one individual against the anonymity of a programmed, humdrum life, which resembles millions of others, to find a meaning to his existence and to finally discover, that everyone is unique, irreplaceable, precious and loved… passionately! A graphic work of art in black and white line-drawings (Indian ink).

Public: Teenagers, young adults (ideal for those about 12 years old)

This fourth work of the artist is one continuous story (not a succession of comic strips).

1st prize at the international, French speaking, Christian comic book forum at Angouleme


This book is available in English, French and German.Softcover: 8.25 x 11in – 64 pages.

Price: $ 13.95

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