It’s now more than ten years that Alain Auderset is known for his conferences/humoristic testimonies that are full of emotions and sincerity; his one-man-show was a logical step further. It was in 2009 that he was spotted by a French television producer, which gave rise to his first DVD, “The Epistle according to Alain” (only available in French). In the spring of 2010 he was invited to a humoristic festival in the south of France where he performed; this gave rise to his new spectacle “Non practising Atheist”

“Non practising Atheist” (The new spectacle)

And if we were to go to the end of our atheist or evasive “beliefs”, where would we find ourselves?Alain Auderset interprets his characters to the extreme, even if it means to go over the frontiers of the absurd, for the greater pleasure of the public. He focuses the projectors on the inconsistency of our lives, to shed light on, or rather to highlight the shocking details that we thought were personal! A big custard pie to our preconceived ideas and laughs guaranteed! Accompanied by the projection of his drawings, one could almost believe that he himself has just escaped from a comic strip, quite a guy!

“The Epistle according to Alain”

The first DVD (only available in French). This spectacle (in the style of a one-man-show) and recorded in 2008 in a crowded theatre (bursting at the seams), goes from the assumption that God isn’t a speciality reserved only for the religious elite, but that he is just there, nearby to each of us…

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