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Hi Alain,

In my church we have a deaf Christian I have been helping for almost three years now.
Yesterday we were at my home with another deaf gentleman who wants to know more about Jesus.

We explained the gospel to him in sign language but it honestly wasn’t easy to explain spiritual ideas.

I was going on about sin, repentance…

Then I went to get a little booklet that you made, it explains the gospel just with pictures.

Straightaway that spoke right to him, and he kept on asking questions as he went on in his ‘reading’.
Then, when he saw the ‘clean’ little guy and the cross covered in blood on the ground, he went, ‘Oh! The sin isn’t there any more, it’s on the cross!’

Little by little he really understood, and he summed it up ‘So Jesus saves us from our sin.’

He wanted to receive Jesus too, but, because of his reserve, preferred to do this on his own at home.
So we explained to him how to do it and went on to share our testimonies with him.
All of that was to encourage you and thank you for your pictures which really are tools to the glory of God.
Your little booklets speak to the deaf, and I think that they can also speak to children.

God bless, Alain!


Your message is terrific!!!
What an encouragement for me and all who work with me in the studio!
Would you mind if I published your message just as it is?

It would be such an encouragement for all those who support me too…



Yes, no problem, go ahead! 
Pleased that it’s an encouragement for you.

I am going to order several of those little booklets – they’re so convenient.

Thanks for your gift



A cartoon book without words

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