Date in the forest – Now translated

Hi together

It has been some time that I haven’t written to you. But I am always in the middle of something….

And I can give you some BIG NEWS.
The book « Rendez-vous dans la forêt » that was only available in French, and that has been of great use for a lot of people,  as it has helped them to find our Lord… this book is now entirely translated into English with the title « Date in the forest ».
This translation work has taken its time as it has been made by volunteers. By the way, I would like to thank the two main translators Stephen Kells ( and Nicky Seadon.
We have printed some copies in form of the final book in order to prospect publishers.
We have done so in Nashville not long ago. A lot of US publishers showed their interest in this book and, even if nothing has been settled yet, the project seems to take form.
My book is not yet available in English. But we hope it will be so soon. Thank you for your prayers in this regard.
It is just the testimony of a simple man, living his friendship with God in his daily life.

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