My comic strip as a cartoon!!

The incredible visit
It was around two years ago,
I was drawing in my workshop far from Hollywood
(so far, it’s in the swiss Jura!)
when I received a really surprising visit…
(here is what happens when we pray too much!)
Two head masters of a famous cartoon studio were standing right in front of me.
They were working for the general public TV for more than 10 years,
But something touched them while they were reading my comic strips, and they told me:
-“This is what everybody needs today!
Would you be alright if we could make a cartoon out of it?”

I said yes
And they litteraly left their studio in order to create a new one :
The aim is that my character Willy Grunch may be on every TV (France, USA, etc…)
And that we could communicate principles that are dear to me.

Moondog is looking for one hundred thousands dollars (oh my!)
To get out the 5 first episodes of the series.
They will then have enough to present to the TV’s
Who will be required to buy them for they are really great.
It’s a new adventure starting
And I am clinging to my Lord’s hand, because those figures are beyond me.
The amount of people we are going to achieve (we are talking of millions of people!), but also the costs

Take part to this adventure
If everyone participate
It’s possible, there are only 11 days left to get over it…
But already more than 45’000$ pledged.

More details at:

Follow the project

your little Alain

Help me to reach them !

To bet on the cartoon, click on:

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