The tour

Moondog is on the look-out for clients for its animated films:


New-York (USA)


February 4th to 8th

Willy Grunch was shown during the largest children’s entertainment and animated film industry event in the world.


Charleston (USA)

The Charleston International Film Festival

April 24th to 28th

Five Moondog studio/Alain Auderset animated films will be shown here. In fact, the project has already received an award, since it has been named as an ‘Official Selection’ at the festival.


Annecy (FR)

June 10th to 15th

at the Annecy international Animated Film Festival

The five films are competing in the ‘television films’ category

(October 7th to 10th)


Cannes (FR)

‘mipcom’ and mip junior,

major entertainment/animated film/TV industry event.


Marina Del Rey, California

November 7th to 9th’

The world Animation Feature and VFX Summit’

November 6th to 13th

Santa Monica, CA


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