In the New Age

If we think that the gospel doesn’t interest this generation, we are wrong. When you see people following all sorts of creepy, magical and occult theories, don’t be impressed by how they act. They’re just like you and me, searching anywhere. They’d love to know Jesus personally, like we do…


See for yourselves with this letter I just received: 


Florence’s letter

 The video

Hi Alain, it’s Florence.


You are often in my thoughts since I saw one of your videos and I’ve been wanting to write to you for quite some time.

I listened to you when you shared your story and I was so impressed! 🤔 I started laughing as you talked, and crying at the same time! Anyway, it was just 😳.

For the first time, someone was telling me about God and Jesus, outside the mold of the church. 



I’ve been sick for eight years now, with a mysterious disease doctors can’t heal. I can’t walk or drive and I suffer from terrible stomach and back pain which cause me chronic fatigue. Alone at home all day all the time… I wanted to die. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been looking for something but the advice I was given always led to the New Age with a bunch of therapists and experiments lacking meaning, power and most of all, love. All this was just destroying me and eventually my body totally let go. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I resented God, mankind and the whole world! 



A couple of weeks ago, I was given a religious video that really triggered something. It was about prayer for the healing of the sick in Saint-Nicolas Deschamps, a church in Paris. For the first time I actually heard Christians say that the Holy Spirit comes to heal people. 

I don’t know what happened inside me, but I saw my whole life as on a screen and all the bullshit of these past experiments. I saw all the occult forces that had manipulated me through all this. It’s as if I hadn’t been aware of what my life was like before, and that suddenly, everything became clear. 

I know for sure I experienced grace. Jesus came to look for me in my darkness and my misery. 



One thing leading to another, I searched the net and I found you. Your books, your comics, your humor and your simplicity. It really touched me.

20 years ago, I studied arts at the Beaux-Arts. I did some research on Christ dead in “The Descent from the Cross” without realizing He was already speaking to me then… It’s like pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for me now. 

All this is just to thank you. I’ve decided to treat myself with your books and comics. I’ll order them at the lowest price, not because they’re not worth more, but because I haven’t worked for 8 years and I do things according to my means. 😅


Your forest, my garden 

Thank you for thinking of me in your forest. I love nature too. For the moment I can’t enjoy it fully but I go in my garden and walk the 20 yards I can, to pray (or rather talk to someone) out loud. 


From the bottom of my heart Alain, thank you. Thank you Jesus. I love you both so much. Thank you for having spoken to me. 


My answer: 

Hello Florence

I couldn’t help but have tears in my eyes as I was reading you. What the Lord is doing and how he manages to reach you in the midst of all your trials, is truly beautiful. 


A relationship with God is a spring of happiness. And it has been made available for us because of the sacrifice of His beloved Son. Without Him, it would be impossible for us to approach the One who loves us so much. 

I encourage you to persevere. Keep going in your garden, keep reading the Bible (starting with the New Testament). In the Bible God speaks big time. 


If you want to get my books, try ordering them in a bookstore in France, it’ll cost you less in postage than ordering them in Switzerland.


See you soon. 




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