The blessing of Coronavirus


I’m cleaning up !*
I’m about to start vacuuming my bedroom when I see a spider. I feel compassion for her, so I decide to put her in a safe place.

You’d expect her to thank me for that, right ? Nooope, and she’s even stressed to death, super upset because this wasn’t where she was planning on going.

*it took my wife years of training for me to get there !


The parallel
I think you got what I was trying to say, right ?
God is also compassionate on bugs who are much more horrible and harmful for their environment: us. Yes, he even loves us, and he doesn’t wish us misfortune. And just like me with the spider, he allows programme changes, disturbs our “perfect” plans to save us from the worst.

This theme is widely developed in my comics, Azvaltya 1, if you’re interested.
(pour l’instant, uniquement en français)


Worse than coronavirus !!
I don’t mean to minimise the pain of those who are suffering from this. No, you have all my sympathy, because what happened to some of you is terrible. Some died and had to leave a little earlier than us. My thoughts go to those who are presently mourning…

But our society suffers from a greater evil than this virus. It even suffers from several evils, but I’ll only focus on one: DOING ! We are constantly running after tons of activities, whether it be work or other things… what are we running from ?

Despite the excuses we give so we never have to stop, we are harming those who matter the most to us, our close relatives and ourselves.

What I see for now, with the measures taken towards the coronavirus, is the confinement (please, respect these measures!). We are “condemned” to staying at home with our partner, our children or just ourselves. Those are all precious beings who deserve our attention and our love. Let’s fully live this moment without wasting it with this panic-fear, these conspiracy discussions, criticising the authorities, etc. Let’s enjoy this exceptional time. It’s a time for creativity, pausing, to see things differently, to focus on those we love.


Yah yah, me too
Yesterday, we had a few hours of anthology with my little family, whether at home or elsewhere (thank you Skype!), and how much did we laugh !

For now, I can still go to the woods but if not, I’ll still have the possibility of locking myself up in the tranquillity of my bedroom to talk to God. Don’t let this special time be taken away from you, it’s also there for that.

Thanks to this time with no shows, nor volunteers, nor visitors and with collaborators who are working from home: I’M WRITING LIKE CRAZY ! I align hours in my improvised office in the garden. I write, “Date in the forest, the origins.” You’ll see, it’s good stuff.


The collapse of the economy
Yes, I know, it’s tough. Coronavirus also means the paralysis of our system. With libraries closing down, selling my books, which was already slow, isn’t getting easier. But let me tell you something: it was never your job that made sure you’d never lack anything. No, it was and still is God who allows you to have this job, or if you don’t have one, who allows you to still be among us… (I assume that if you’re reading this, it means you’re still alive…). I have so many times experienced that God takes care of those who put all their trust in Him. I saw it again two weeks ago ! And I’ll have to see it next week.. !

God is here, let go of your fear, choose trust, and you’ll see it too…

Okay I’ll stop here, there’s still so many things to say, but there’s already such a cacophony of messages bursting from everywhere on the topic…


With all my affection,





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