Tricks, licks and injustice 


Tricks, licks and injustice 


Response to injustice


Clever dog!

My little Spike is everyone’s dog at home… he strolls around  from one floor to another depending on where the cooking smells come from. Be it roommates, workshop activists or family members, everybody likes him. For him, doors aren’t borders (they’re nothing but wood swiveling on hinges, right?). This walking stomach knows how to swing them open with a simple bark or a scratch. Especially as he recognises people while they’re still in the street. He is clever! Particularly with those whom he knows he can bend. He has an inner clock to tell him when the regulars arrive, and they will have no other choice than to give in ‘coz it’s true: “he’s so cuuuute!”


Oh-oh…! (ouch!)

But the other day, something really disturbing happened: he didn’t finish his bowl…(!?) 

Straight away, we called Sephora, our daughter (veterinary assistant). She rushed immediately and took a blood sample. 



We were forced to lock him in a cage and put him on a drip for a week (he just didn’t understand what was happening to him). The result of the tests was very clear: his kidneys are in real bad shape. For his own good, nobody is allowed to give him any non medical food anymore! 


Lord, why?

The dog just doesn’t understand what is happening to him. His tricks don’t work anymore! Why has everyone become so “mean”? oh… he must’ve had such a feeling of injustice.


I tried to explain it to him. But, no way! His brain isn’t big enough (he can’t read, can’t speak a single word of English, and doesn’t even know what a kidney is!!!) 

What worries me even more than his health, is that he could think that we don’t love him anymore. Fortunately we are very close: for sure he knows there is another reason.


God and you 

To a certain extent, couldn’t you be in the same situation as me and Spike…?


You suffer injustices, you feel you’re a victim and you ask yourself “why does God allow such things, has God forsaken me…?” 

Hmm… You’re confusing “injustice” with “ignorance“, ‘coz the one clear and absolutely essential thing for you to know is that: whatever happens, God loves you!*… sooo much…!!


*He said so (in the Bible), He doesn’t lie and it’s obvious to all those who know Him personally. 


Superiority of dog on man

Okay, we might be smarter than him, but when it comes to a relationship with a master… we could improve a lot, couldn’t we?!

If I don’t give in to any of Spike’s tricks anymore and if I only give him yucky food (compared to before), it’s for his own good, believe me. When I hold him on a leash it’s in order to preserve him from his lack of obedience and self control (he barks after dogs 3 times his size). 


Fortunately, the friendly relationship Spike and I have, can only convince him of that. I always bring him along in the forest, I pet him, speak gently to him, play with him, nurse him and if I get tough it’s only to keep him from danger. 


Go in the forest with God! 

Whatever your need (or want) may be, spend time with God. Rejoice with Him, play, share, run, live with Him. And same as for me, the tears and laughter you share will fill you up. Sometimes you will feel Him cuddle your soul and His loving eyes upon you: there is no greater blessing on earth. And if ever you don’t feel it, just believe it, it’s even better! 


Jesus said:

“I am the good shepherd, my sheep know my voice… the good shepherd loves his sheep and lays down His life for them…” 


  PS: I didn’t share this analogy to hold a pity party, but in order to help those who could be struggling with these issues. I’m fine, and in his own way, so is the dog. (We know how to make the best out of the time we still have together)  


Find more cool stories with Spike from time to time, his master and his Master… 




The first volume of “Meet me in the forest” is available in English as an e-book
The translation of the second volume is in progress.





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