God’s Answer to Luna

I received Luna’s testimony by mail. It’s so encouraging that I had to share it with you.

‘Coz we’re surrounded by more people like Luna than we think. When people in pain cry out to God, He hears!! Just bear in mind that His answer could very well be you!


Luna’s Mail

Good evening Alain,

My heart is pounding tonight, and the Holy Spirit is gently repeating… “just write to him and say thanks”.

So here it is…

Let me introduce myself: Luna, 33 years old, two children and a doggie. I live in the south of France.


Jesus vs religion
I met Jesus when I was a little girl. It was in His arms that I used to fall asleep. He was my friend, my best friend. My cuddle bubble…

Being from a Catholic background, my grandmother had immediately guided me towards religion. I was only 7 and had a very high fever, but I demanded to be baptized! I couldn’t breathe because of the incense, and felt cramped in shoes that were too small. Spilled by the priest, three tiny drops were sprinkled on my neck and on my burning forehead, when I was craving to be entirely immersed in the marble basin filled with holy water!!!

I quickly found out that religion was oppressive and cruel and I couldn’t understand why our Lord had been crucified! Eventually, my faith turned into anger! I just couldn’t accept it!

I mistook religion and Jesus and no longer wanted to be His friend anymore. And He didn’t force Himself on me…

From then on, I experienced devouring shame. Insanity crept in every corner of my misunderstood existence and led to marginalization and addiction. Looking back, I realize that even then, in the darkest moments of my life, Jesus was there.

In 2018, I decided to turn away from evil! Thanks to the Alcoholics Anonymous, I found my way back to God. During 3 years, my children, Jesus and I, have known what it was like to be a happy little  family. 

But ouch! A brutal and unexpected, fusional and passionate relationship shattered it all to pieces. An argument finally broke the camel’s back, to the point that I thought I was gonna slip back into hatred and insanity… again.

That’s how on July 17th, I cried out: Help me Lord! I can’t do it on my own. I beg You to help me once again! Tell me what it is you want from me!!! What am I supposed to do?


I had to go to work an hour later (I work at the flea market) and despite the emotional state I was in, I finally managed to set up my stand at the spot I was assigned. It was situated in the park of my village, at the foot of an iron cross surrounded by a fence (very convenient to hang my dresses). My stomach was hurting like hell and I had the feeling of being in a dark hole. 

Suddenly, a man and two women came up to me. One of the women said that the Lord had told her I could be in need.

I was shocked!

– Wait a minute! What?!? What Lord??

She answered:
-Jesus. Are you hurting anywhere? I can pray for you if you wish…

I answered yes, thinking they would pray when back in their church!!! 

Instead, she put her hand on my stomach right there… My pain was gone before she even had time to say “In the mighty name of Jesus, I command the pain in Luna’s stomach to completely disappear, now!”! 

I was embarrassed but my stomach wasn’t hurting any more. I stood up and stepped back a little. My boyfriend seemed cross (he didn’t know I had cried for help).

When I asked them what their religion was, they answered:

– We don’t have any. We’re just disciples of Christ! But here’s another disciple’s calling card. She doesn’t live far from here. Call her. She’ll be able to help you.
Incidentally, I had planned to go to that village the following day, in order to rest in the forest in the presence of my heavenly Father!!! 

So that’s how I met Orianne. She told me about the Gospel, about Jesus, about the living stones in the Church of Christ… just like in the book of Acts. 

She prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon me. She gave me three gifts: a Bible, a comic book “Conventional Wisdom”, and another book “Meet me in the forest”!!! I couldn’t believe it!

There was no anger left in me. I knew I had experienced the biggest turn of my whole life! I was baptized on October 15th 2022.

So, this is my story. Now it’s time for me to say ‘good morning Alain!’. (‘coz it’s dawn). 

I hope that my yadda yadda wasn’t too awkward and confusing and I send you my most sincere and limitless gratitude for all that you give in your works*! 

May you and your beautiful family be blessed, dear brother. 




* Would you care to see for yourselves?


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