The primary source


The primary source

“All things are from him and through him and for him” (Romans 11 :36, CEB)

God is the primary source of life. In Him, our deepest needs are met. And the good news is that, through His sacrifice, Jesus has given us open access to it.  


Err… but how?… 

Well…you just need to stop (by walking in the woods for example 😉) and fully open your heart. Spill it out, put your whole life on the table, let go of what you think you have, and seek God for real.  

The most important is that we need to seek Him, the primary source, before asking Him to fill one of our secondary sources.  


The secondary sources 

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights” (James 1:17, NIV)


‘Coz they indirectly come from Him,these precious and soothing gifts should be cherished, but without ever forgetting they are only temporary sources that cannot quench our thirst forever. 


Nature in its beauty is one of them. Those who admire it are in some way unknowingly in awe of its Creator. People who reject faith and can’t name ‘God’, will talk about “strength” or “energy” ‘coz too much crap is associated with the word. 

Animals, the ones we care for, love between us, friendship, tenderness, and all the moments that follow these: artistic expression, culinary art and so many other fields of interest have their source in Him. Wisdom, pleasure of learning, dreams and fantasy do bring us joy… and even sex (but hey! don’t get excited! You’ve got to follow the manual ‘coz, just as for many other things it’ll go south otherwise) In short, all of these come from Him too but are nothing else than secondary sources, if not tertiary. 


And what’s most surprising is that believers are often not the ones to enjoy them most. 


What about church?

As for me, when I go to church (or on spiritual sites on the internet), I know I’m not drinking from the primary source but the secondary ones. I go for the pleasure of seeing everyone and encouraging them. If the time of praise and worship, the preaching, the prayers or whatnot aren’t top shelf, it doesn’t matter much, ‘coz my primary source is in the forest with Jesus.

Those who bless you can only do so after having drawn the blessing from the primary source. In order to get top quality you have to go there yourselves. 

Speaking of which, I’ve got to go fill my “tank” (for free!!!)


“As the scriptures said concerning me: Rivers of living waters will flow out from within him” (John 7: 38, CEB)


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