Jesus’ home

Jesus’ home

My life isn’t always easy. If I described it to you, I’m not sure you’d like to have the same… but on the other hand, Jesus lives in me… We take time for each other, and that grants me pure moments of happiness… Still, what seems most insane to me, is when I realize it works both ways… (both ways!?!) 


I like sharing my faith everywhere I go. I do it easy without putting any pressure on anyone, especially not on God, unlike so many people who claim to be His’… Some experts try to make Him fit in texts, principles, and well organised theories that attract many people. They try to force their prayer requests and their narrow vision on God, urging Him to answer them or bless whatever they’re doing… regardless of His own desires.    

I feel so sorry for Him, for them and for me too… ‘coz I know I’m no better. 

So I just sit down close to Jesus and I give up… I give up forcing him to listen to my blah blah blah, and I talk straight instead, or else I just stay silent. And we dig it ! We appreciate just being there for each other, and without even knowing, I am learning to unlearn… 


Getting along

My Creator is free to come and go through me as He wishes. Okay, I admit that my welcome is a bit lame sometimes… So, every now and then, He still knocks before coming in. But deep down, He knows He’s at home in my heart.  

Here’s the truth, He bought me back at a high price, by His precious blood! He gave it all, His Kingdom, His privileges, everything He had, in order to have me. Just to have the privilege of being near me… !?! (whaaat?!) Sometimes I ask myself if this great friend of mine isn’t a bit crazy…? Hmm… crazy, He is, for sure: crazy in love!!! 

I’ll probably never understand why He cares so much for me… When I think of Him, I realize He’s as huge as the universe He created (t’was a thursday…), so I gave up trying to figure out anything, and I satisfy myself with receiving… and believing.


Sell it all!

I don’t know where you’re standing, but I can only invite you to do the same, open up!  The way I know Him, He will subtly bring to light what is moldering your existence.

But don’t be afraid, He won’t do the cleaning without you, without your permission. ‘Coz, yes! Getting rid of evil can be painful, especially if we won’t let go. 

So, don’t try too hard to understand what’s going on. Most of the time His reasons are beyond our understanding. Let go of control and fear (it won’t help), stop being defensive… Let Him move, trust Him, there is no one as considerate, generous, honest, intelligent, understanding, wise, reassuring (but so full of surprises), nor any one as caring as Jesus… 


Oh Jesus, y’ know… I love You! You are unbelievable and still, I believe You.



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