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So many lost!!!

A couple of weeks ago as I was driving through a city, I was feeling for the world around me, so I prayed: 

-Lord, so many people don’t know You exist. And when they do, they’re not aware that You can be so close.

I was feeling down. It’s so unfair but it’s a fact in our society and I can’t stand it. I carried on: 

-Lord, may I get to reach them in order to tell them so and introduce You to them. Show me the way, what to write or draw or whatever… in order to reach them where they stand! 

I got a few hints from Him, which I faithfully follow every day. It’s really powerful. It takes a heck of a time but I’m looking forward to witnessing the result when it’ll be released.  

In the meantime, here’s a letter I received recently.


This young man wrote to me in his own style (I only slightly changed his letter for a better understanding). Thank you for praying for him and those who are like him… 

With love, Alain 

Yannis’ letter
My name is Yannis. I’m 15 and I live in Rennes, a town in France. 2 years ago, I was kind of shy and generally nice with people. But I could lose it sometimes (when my mother or my sister got on my nerves, I’d beat them). 

Over the top
And one day, I was kicked out of school. It was a shock ‘coz I had lost all of my friends. I couldn’t help crying. I started trying to figure out why all this was happening and I realized I was always messing around, I wasn’t good enough, nice enough, too imperfect. 
So, with all my heart, I decided to change. I was determined to be as perfect as possible. 

A couple of weeks later, my father showed me a movie on the life of Jesus and I became interested in God.
The first thing I did was to type “God” on YouTube. I scrolled through the videos and I saw a guy who looked cool so I clicked. 

Your video
The title was: “Is God really your friend?” * (it was you and another guy from EMCI TV). I watched it and it broke my heart. It was so moving that I started crying without even knowing, it was unbelievable! (And I still feel like crying every time I watch the video). So, as you were telling us to do, I tried speaking to God and wanted to know more about him. I watched your other videos **, with EMCI TV and on your channel, and started getting closer to perfection every day. 

When I think of it, I realize how lucky I was to come across your video ‘coz it talked about God in a different way, a way that spoke to me. Have a nice day. 

* I’m sorry. The title was translated into English but the video is only available in French. 


** Links to videos with English subtitles available:





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