Diving in creativity

Hi there! 

Let me share some of my everyday life at work when I was writing “Meet me in the forest, Origin” * 

You may not be an author yourself but it doesn’t really matter. I believe that the complicity I describe fits just ANY JOB. May this text inspire you. 

* Sorry, this book isn’t available in English, yet.


Diving in creativity

or exploring the sea of heaven


The sky! 

Saturday 6pm. 

After a couple of hours of passionate writing, completely immersed in the world I’m creating, I complete the final anecdote, at last.

I can finally look up from my notes, I’m not “under water” any more and I breathe as if I had been holding my breath all that time. 

As I’m leaving the world of the memories from my childhood, I remember this other reality: Right! I’m sitting at the garden table behind the house!

I sigh, lean back on the chair, look up and… wow! I’m suddenly facing the immense blue expanse right above me. 

So much higher than the big tree nearby, the generous sky was there the whole time! I take a deep breath and like a big fresh bubble inside me, it makes me feel like flying away. I delay the journey ‘coz I still have a story to improve. 

A friend of mine who proofread it for me, pointed out some parts that require rearrangements and clarifications. Some scenes need to be rewritten from a new angle, a paragraph or two have to be moved around and the harmony of it all has to be improved so… gotta dive! 

(C u)



Monday 11.30 am
Phewww! I finally reached a decisive stage and so needed to celebrate with someone that I instinctively headed for the forest. Escaping from my universe, I enter that of the vast nature my best Friend created. The forest and my book are interconnected, and together, we go from one to the other. 

– There it is, Lord… I did what you asked! 

Looking back

It’s been a year since we started writing this book together. At first, we were walking on mushy paths (memory sometimes fails) but as I kept going, solid grounds started appearing under my feet. Now that the job’s done, the landscape I leave behind me is nice and clean for any reader to wander through. Every anecdote I wrote is an easy but well documented path. I cleared it from all the usual obstacles one finds when speaking of God, like those obscure words in dialects unknown to most people. If lost, anyone can make it to Jesus’ arms. 

I suddenly stop on my forest path. Er… seems like I’m in my book again! So, I decided to stop talking and start listening for a change. A vision settled in my mind:

I saw a long, modern and very powerful train about to come out of a tunnel to enter an insanely bright light. 

– “The end of the tunnel”! Yippee! Lord, we made it! 


Sea and divine complicity

I’m still in the forest and warm sunrays caress my face… which is strange since the forecast predicted a cloudy day. I look up and see something amazing: a huge gap splitting the thick layer of clouds just above my path and enlightening it.

The clouds looked like a sea from above, and the parting of its waters lasted the time it took for me to cross the forest. This heavenly breach highlighted my way right to my doorway, it was magical! 

– Thanks for the treat, Lord. I loved it …


Last dive 

OK, back to work… A friend kindly showed me a couple of syntax adjustments I had to make. So, here I am with my imaginary goggles and snorkel, diving in my book again. 

(sea U!)


Last one (if you say so…!) 

I’ve sent my book to still one more person for just another penultimate review. I need to be impartial, ignore laziness, accept big changes if necessary and look at my work with a critical eye. I consult my small and very busy workshop team again and again.  


Fruits from the promised land 

If you come across me during times like that, you might get the feeling I’m away. Well, it’s probably because I am. When reaching the bottom line of something, I always turn things over and over in my mind and wander in my stories, unable to bring them to a close. My mind’s dashboard flashes all over the place… and I strive in order to catch the signs and find what could be improved before this book gets to the printer. 



At the grocers’, I came across a mom and her teenage daughter. They told me how my previous books, “Meet me in the forest” volumes 1, 2 and 3, were part of their daily life and how it boosted their faith. It made me so happy, it’s so incredibly comforting! I tear up as I’m writing these words and am reminded of it. I’m so grateful… and I tell myself it’s definitely worth all the efforts I make. 


Just to nail it (in case I hadn’t understood yet), there was a cardboard heart in the mailbox this morning. A child had colored it and clumsily penned his name on it to thank me… thank you… I hung it on the wall in the workshop in case it fell from my memory. 

OK… I’ve got to go back to my book, so… splash!




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