clairvoyance and witchcraft

The day Romayne wrote to tell me my comics “Conventional Wisdom” had really helped her when she was looking for a change, she also shared some of her old life… and phew! I just can’t believe what some people go through!!

For once, I’ll share a testimony that has nothing to do with me. It’s vicious but since it’s going to help a lot of people, here it is… 


Witchcraft and clairvoyance

Personally, I like Harry Potter’s fantasy world but I keep things in perspective because IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REALITY OF WITCHCRAFT!!

Most of the time, we are not aware of the danger of the esotericism that surrounds us. To be obsessed by the topic or not know anything about it are both harmful. 

And most of all, when we believe in it, we are not even conscious of the power of Jesus that could dwell in us if we believed in Him. 

Here, the mic is all yours, Romayne:


Waking nightmare 

My family was in total chaos…

We suffered never ending oppression, were chased by evil spirits and we were all possessed. There was violence, huge unexplainable blockages, failures and hardships in every area of our lives… 

We were divided. Every day, evil spirits would manipulate us. We were under their influence. It would occur at specific times and according to a specific agenda. 


Shit rescue

With my mother, we used to practice witchcraft in order to protect ourselves from witchcraft… And clairvoyance in order to know what witchcraft was up to and try to free ourselves from it. In the end, it only added to the burden. We were sacrificing ourselves in order to save our family, but the enemy only gained more ground each time. Evil just moved elsewhere whenever a “so-called deliverance” took place. For years, we kept turning in circles, sinking deeper and deeper. 



My mom was really depressed. Chaos at home was such that she asked me to get some help. She was determined to end our lives, my brothers’, mine and hers’ too because she didn’t want to abandon us. Either we made it out together or we died together.


Desperately seeking spiritual first aider

So, I left for college, and I had to be back with a solution before dark.

Basically, we were thinking of trying to find someone with an efficient deliverance method, a healer or whatever. I was looking for two students in particular, who could show me someone knowing God and “accredited” as an exorcist. Because, in spite of all, I was a Catholic believer. In my eyes, there was an unquestioned separation between witchcraft and clairvoyance (I considered clairvoyance as a gift of God to help us out of the works of witchcraft). Anyway, I was completely mixed up, in the grip of a spirit of deception but I was looking for a divine solution, a divine method.

For me, God was the only one who could rescue us from these hopeless situations: all the healers, bonesetters, clairvoyants, shamans, exorcists and priests I saw were completely overwhelmed by our situation. The spiritual enemy was playing around with them just as it was with us. And these people were just making things worse. 

The spirit of clairvoyance was telling me to look for a Muslim student. But I had learned to do the opposite of what it was telling me, because I knew that this voice was trying to mislead me, by using either lie or truth*.



So, I looked for a student named Grace. Once, she had given me her phone number so I could pass her my notes whenever she had classes to catch up. I couldn’t tell her my story face to face because I didn’t really know her. Plus, I was too shy, so I texted her. She told me to meet her in the cafeteria at the end of the class. 

I went. She was in a hurry because one of her classes was about to start. She just had time to tell me how she had defeated witchcraft and how she and her family had made it thanks to God. Then in front of me, very naturally, she prayed for 5 minutes for me and my family. Before leaving she gave me the details of a Christian man who, according to her, belonged to a church “that could help me”, better than hers. I had never heard of anyone overcoming witchcraft for good. I always heard about people never pulling through, or if they had, their “method” wasn’t working with us.



The churches I knew, and people in general, didn’t know anything about this dark spirituality. They just thought witches and seers were insane people or just mavericks.  However, there were times when we did talk about it with open-minded people, but actually we were the ones teaching them…

In these conditions what kind of help could we have expected from anyone?



On Sunday December 9 2018, with my mom, I went to the church I was told about. For the first time ever, I heard songs of triumph and victory over the enemy. 

We waited until the end of the service to see the pastor with whom we had an appointment. He spoke to us a little and asked us to repeat a prayer. At that very moment, I received the Holy Spirit! 

Then he said: 

– Things are really going to change. You will receive a sign that the Lord has moved, you’ll see! 

He said that under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We had every reason to doubt because nothing had ever worked before and we had a hard time trusting anyone.

In the car on our way back from church, I felt great joy. I tried to reassure my mom because I knew things were going to be okay. As we were arriving home, I heard a loud voice. It came from heaven and was very close at the same time. It was the voice of someone who had surprisingly always known me and cared about me. It was the voice of the Father (God). It said:

– Your father and your step mother will be saved. 

My mother didn’t hear it, but I was shaken… The Lord had struck a sore spot with such authority and gentleness. There was no other way but to believe and surrender. I didn’t know what “to be saved” meant nor that I had received the Holy Spirit but I knew God had seen the wound in my heart, to have left my father in the clutches of witchcraft and not to see him anymore.

To reassure herself mom wanted us to do a session of clairvoyance in the car as we often used to do. But this time I just didn’t want to. I knew we only needed to trust and that was enough to help me speak to her boldly.



The next day, I went to college. I was thinking about what the pastor had said and I was asking myself questions. Just before entering the classroom, I got a call from my father. I hadn’t spoken to him for over a year and he wasn’t even supposed to have my number… He told me my grandmother had just passed away. It happened to be the day Grace (the Christian student) had prayed… Was it divine judgment?


Death and divine judgment 

My grandmother used to kill people through accidents and she sought revenge through witchcraft. She also intended to have me under control, so I would become a witch too and go after my mother and carry on her plans of destruction. 

But the day a true born-again Christian prayed for me and my family, God judged her. The word the pastor had said was fulfilled. It was the only sign that could really prove to me my life was going to change, because nothing would have stopped my grandmother! Even while being in ignorance and sin, I had been awaiting a divine judgment over her.



Sometimes later I tried to use clairvoyance again without knowing it was really bad. The Holy Spirit got angry and told me I shouldn’t do that anymore. I told Grace I was a clairvoyant. She didn’t blame me but simply prayed for me. Shortly after, the pastor told me how bad it was, and I gave it up as soon as I found out.

During the two years I had spent in college I hadn’t had any friends and I suddenly made two. My mom stopped the clairvoyance sessions she used to do for a living. Little by little, things started matching God’s will and falling into place, concerning me at least. My mother is still on the way. 

My stepmother converted to God this morning!! Immediately God showed her the idols in her house… It was very touching and strange to see her saved, because she was bound by occultism… mainly undergoing it, in fact.   

A new life is starting for her too. 


* It is important to stress that this voice also says true things concerning others. It very well describes the past, the present and even the future. And if the person who is consulting remains in the enemy’s plan for their life, they will end up fulfilling what the spirit of clairvoyance has predicted. 

This spirit doesn’t just lie or frighten, it is much more cunning than that. Otherwise, no one would be attracted to it but would rather try to escape it. Instead, it manipulates us with half-truths, saying positive things in order to attract us, and better fool us, and lead us into the bad plans he prepared. Many are addicted to clairvoyance because it reassures them. But the devil who is speaking through the voice of clairvoyance is unable to reassure even though it takes the appearance of light. 


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